Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Whether you are a student, parent or loved one, it is helpful to not feel alone on our journey. We offer groups across a variety of issues to support wellness.

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In a world where mental health issues are often stigmatized, there is something to be said in knowing you are “not the only one”. Group programs allow you to draw support and validation about from others about your similar experiences.  Below are the evidenced-based structured programs that are offered in a supportive, small group environment.

DBT Skills Group – Joint offering with Center for Mindfulness Studies!  Starting October 2024  Click the link below to contact us for registration: 


DBT for adults was developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan and the Skills Group consist of skills that support individuals in enhancing their ability to control their focus and attention, increase emotional stability, tolerate painful emotions without engaging in unhelpful response, and develop and maintain healthy relationships. It does this through the teaching of skills found in DBT including Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness skills. These skills have been widely used to support individuals with or without mental health issues but are struggling with emotional and/or interpersonal dysregulation. This group will is aimed to support individuals with or without mental health diagnosis who would benefit from skills development. The group is 12 weeks long, 1.5 hours per group.  

Mindfulness for Parents and Caregivers: A Free Series

Are you a parent of a youth/young adult, caregiving for aging parents or in the field of mental health yourself?  If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, compassion fatigue or burnout, mindfulness can help.  In this FREE 4-part online workshop series, we will explore what mindfulness is, why it is helpful to practice and the different ways we can engage in mindfulness.  Intro Mindfulness for Caregivers

Click the link  to contact us for registration: Contact

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Adults and/or Caregivers – Comprehensive Model

DBT for adults was developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan and this evidence-based approach is often considered to be the gold standard of treatment for individuals suffering from emotion dysregulation, identity confusion, interpersonal difficulties, impulsivity, and risky behaviours.  DBT Skills groups is one of four primary modalities of treatment – Individual Therapy, Coaching, Consultation Team and DBT Skills Group. This group is 20 weeks long, 2 hours per group and participants must be enrolled in the Comprehensive DBT program in order to attend. 


Have you heard of mindfulness but not sure what it is or how to practice it?  Have you tried to establish a meditation practice but just can’t keep it going and you just don’t know what to do? This 3 session course is designed for those new to mindfulness as well as those who may have some experience and are looking for other ways to practice mindfulness in daily life. We will review some of the benefits of mindfulness, the neuroscience supporting it as well as lots of time to practice mindfulness in session.  It is a great first start program for anyone who is new to mindfulness or who might be considering jumping into a more comprehensive mindfulness program. 

Mindful Self-Compassion

Mindful Self-Compassion centers on building skills to enhance our capacity for emotional wellbeing.  It incorporates Mindfulness as the core step to support our turning towards, instead of away from difficult emotions, thoughts and experiences.  It adds the skill of self-kindness, bringing care, forgiveness and concern for oneself.  Lastly, we become aware of our membership in the larger community of humanity.  Research shows that self-compassion is strongly associated with an increase in resilience and capacity to cope with life challenges, reduce anxiety and depression and support healthy habits and relationships.  Fortunately ANYONE can learn self-compassion.  This group is an 8 week group, 2 hours per group, that incorporates teaching, exercises and interactive practices.