Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

See our frequently asked questions. If you find that we have not covered your topic, feel free to contact us

Q1. What is your wait time like?

We have clinicians with immediate availability.

Q2. What are the limits to confidentiality?

As a regulated health professional I am bound to provide the privacy and confidentiality of my clients and what is shared within the therapy sessions. However, there are limits that I am equally bound to uphold as a regulated health professional. They include the following:

  • There is risk of imminent danger to your self or to a third party.
  • There is a suspicion of child abuse or neglect, or if chidl abuse or neglect is disclosed during session.
  • Disclosure is ordered by court.
  • You, the client have consented to me sharing information with other individuals or organizations (e.g. physician, psychiatrist, family member etc.).

Q3. How long and frequent are therapy sessions.

Individual sessions are generally 50-60 minutes in length. Individual sessions can vary in frequency depending on the needs of the individual. You and your clinician will determine this during your initial assessment session; these can also vary across the course of therapy as your needs increase or decrease. There is no “limit” to the length of the service. You can continue to come to individual or family therapy as long as you and the clinican are working collaboratively towards mutually agreed upon goals and are finding the therapy effective.

Group therapy session vary in length and duration depending on the focus of the group. They range from 90 minutes to 2 hours in length and can be anywhere from 8 to 20 weeks. They will meet weekly for the duration of the group and have a definite start and end date. Group therapy can act as either a stand-alone treatment, or something that is added to your individual therapy

Q4. What are the fees and method of payment.

Private counselling services are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) unless delivered by a medical doctor or psychiatrist. There are some private health insurance and employee benefit plans that may reimburse you up to a certain amount per year. Please contact your insurance provider or employer ahead of time. Payment is provided at the end of each session even if you’re eligible for reimbursement later. My fees are set according to current professional rates in Ontario. Individual therapy sessions are typically $140 per session, with DBT specific rated at $170. Group therapy cost is specific to each group that reflects both the type of therapy being provided, the duration of each group session and the length of the group itself. Please reach out directly if you are interested in knowing more details about the costs of group therapies.

We accept cash and e-transfer and have a debit/credit machine on location. If you would prefer to pay via credit card you may do so through our secure online payment platform that you will have access to once you become a client of the clinic.

Q5. How do you start therapy?

You can send a request for service through the website or email [email protected] directly. You will be set up in our system and if interested you will be provided an initial free 15min consultation. You will receive a welcome email from the clinic and an assessment form to complete ahead of your initial session with your assigned clinician. This will allow the clinician to review some basic information and come to the initial session prepared. Your initial accession session will be focused on understanding what your hopes and goals of therapy are, what is currently getting in the way of those goals and review what evidenced-based therapies may be helpful to you. We will also review the client service agreement that outlines frequency of session, costs, confidentiality and clinic policies, and be sure to answer any questions you may have!

Q6. Do you provide adherent DBT?

Yes, we do! Comprehensive DBT is an intensive program of treatment that involves weekly individual therapy sessions, multifamily skills group weekly for up to 5 months, phone coaching, and a consultation team that your clinician attends. It is reserved for those individuals with high needs and/or risk who have tried other forms of therapy without success. Call us directly to inquire about this service, as given its intensity and length of service it will be important to establish that DBT is the best path for you or your loved one prior to proceeding in treatment.